Australorp Chicken

The Australorp Chicken is a breed of large fowls that was developed in Australia. This is known to be a very hardy breed, being one of the largest heritage utility breeds of chicken. However, a bantam variety of the breed is also found. Other than being a dual purpose breed (meat and eggs), they are also equally popular as ornamental birds for their vibrantly-colored feathers and good looks. Farming and taking care of these birds is easy since they can bear confinement well and are resistant to most of the common poultry diseases. Continue reading “Australorp Chicken”

Cheviot Sheep

The Cheviot Sheep is a dual-purpose breed, being raised primarily for meat and wool. This breed gets its name from a range of hills of the same name in north Northumberland and the Scottish Borders. A distinctive feature of the breed is that both male and female Cheviots are in constant demand for breeding purposes. Even to this day, the rams have proved to be good crossing sires for the production of lambs, especially with other hill breeds. Continue reading “Cheviot Sheep”

Chester White Pig

The Chester White Pig is a breed of large, fatty pigs that originated in the United States of America. This is a domestic breed that actively takes part in commercial crossbreeding operations for pork in the country. Though not as well-known as the Yorkshire, the Hampshire, or the Duroc pigs, they are a versatile breed and are perfect for both intensive and extensive pig farming. Continue reading “Chester White Pig”