Adal Sheep

The Adal Sheep is a breed of domesticated sheep that was developed in Ethiopia. These are not wool sheep, and are one of the African hair sheep breeds that are specifically adapted to the dry, desiccated climate of its country. The Adal has traditionally been described as “fat tailed” or ‘fat rumped’.

Physical Characteristics Both male and female are polled unicolored from white to dark brown; very small ears or often earless; both rams and ewes are polled; traditionally described as “fat tailed” or ‘fat rumped’
Personality Traits Intelligent, alert, adapted to stall feed
Coat Hair Blond fleece; rarely the hair is pied or dark brown
Wool Color Creamy white to golden with brown to rusty-brown marks
Horn Status Short, straight; occasionally curly
Uses Mostly for meat
Lifespan/Expectancy 10-12 years
Weight (size) Ram: 35 kg (average);
Ewe: 24 kg (average)
Diet Stubble of cultivated crops, tree leaves, fodders and grains
Country of Origin Ethiopia
Adal Sheep
Adal Sheep


The adal sheep are found in and around the region of Dancalia in the north eastern parts of Ethiopia.

Meat Production

These sheep are primarily bred for the production of mutton. Owing to their big size, a healthy adult sheep can produce anything between 20 and 30 kg of mutton. A young lamb can produce 2.25 to 2.54 kg of flesh.

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