Chamois Colored Goat

The Chamois Colored Goat is a breed of mountain goats that was developed in Switzerland. These are domesticated, dual-purpose goats that are popular for their good quality meat and tasty milk (and other dairy products). Known for their gentle disposition and good looks, these animals are also reared simply as house/farm pets in many places. Continue reading “Chamois Colored Goat”

Shetland Duck

The Shetland Duck is a breed of highly endangered waterfowls that are native to the Shetland Islands in Scotland, located in the northern reaches of the United Kingdom. They are at present mainly raised for ornamental purposes and are known for their good looks and amusing personality, since they apparently seem to be very busy all day. However, urgent attention is required for the conservation of this breed. Continue reading “Shetland Duck”

East Indies Duck

The East Indies Duck is a bantam breed of domesticated waterfowls that are extremely well-known as pets for their completely beetle green-black plumage with a metallic sheen, especially in sunlight, and has rendered them their gorgeous looks. This trait is not found in any other duck, except for the Cayuga Duck. They are not meat or egg breed, but are extensively bred in houses and hatcheries for exhibition and decoration purposes. Continue reading “East Indies Duck”