Changthangi Goat

The Changthangi Goat is a breed of domesticated cashmere goats that are found and reared mostly in India. The breed got its name from a region called Changthang in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, where they are found. These goats have contributed to the country’s economy and are also easy to keep since they are reared under an open grazing system. Continue reading “Changthangi Goat”

Aspromonte Goat

The Aspromonte Goat is a breed of domesticated goats that was developed in the south of Italy, and is still limited to the nearby regions only. These are dual-purpose goats, and are reared both for milk and meat. The Aspromontes are known for their nutritious milk especially suitable for cheese production, and for good quality meat. At present, the population of these goats is estimated to be around 3444. Continue reading “Aspromonte Goat”

Belgian Landrace Pig

The Belgian Landrace Pig is a breed of domestic pigs that originated in Belgium. They are one of the most common and popular pork breeds amongst the other ‘landrace’ strains, and are extensively reared all across Belgium. Not merely its tasty meat, but also its success in meeting with the demands of the world market has made it popular among the breeders, sellers and consumers in many other countries. Continue reading “Belgian Landrace Pig”

Bourbonnais Black Turkey (Dindon du Bourbonnais)

The Bourbonnais Black Turkey, or simply the ‘Bourbonnais Turkey’, is a breed of completely black domesticated fowls that originated in France. Being a relatively smaller variety, they are gradually becoming famous. They are a fast growing and very hardy breed. Also, at times, the Bourbonnais may show a few brown feathers at the back. The Bourbonnais turkeys are lively and vigorous, and need farms or poultries that have plenty of space. Continue reading “Bourbonnais Black Turkey (Dindon du Bourbonnais)”

Bagot Goats

Bagot goats have roamed the semi-wild regions of Blithfield, Staffordshire for several hundred years. It derived its name from its keeper Sir John Bagot. The breed was first considered “critically endangered” in 2010, by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust. By 2012, it was earmarked as “vulnerable” as there were fewer than 100 reported breeding females in the UK.  Continue reading “Bagot Goats”