Barbu de Grubbe

The Barbu du Grubbe is a breed of extremely rare chicken that was developed in Belgium in the early 20th century. With no larger counterpart present, this breed is classified as ‘true bantam’. This is a very rare breed, and has been considered as ‘critically endangered’. Breeding programs have been undertaken by the authorities, though, in order to increase the population of this rare fowl. Continue reading “Barbu de Grubbe”

Hook Bill Duck

The Hook Bill Duck, or simply ‘Hookbill’, is a breed of domestic duck originating in the Netherlands that got its name from the aquiline-nosed beaks. They are the oldest Domestic Waterfowl breed in Europe and have a history of over four centuries. This duck had traditionally been raised alongside canals in the Netherlands. Presently, they are an endangered breed, with only 250-400 breeding individuals left. The population is growing in a very slow pace. Continue reading “Hook Bill Duck”

Romanian Buffalo

The Romanian Buffalo is a breed of water buffalo that evolved in Romania. They are known for their tasty milk used to make dairy products, as well as their sweet-tasting meat. Their population at present is decreasing. In 1996, the total number of buffalo counted to 209,432, which were raised in 86,480 herds. The total number of adult females was 97,320 while the number of adult males was 2510. With rapid decline, the number of female recorded in the herd book in 2003 was 275. Continue reading “Romanian Buffalo”

Pandharpuri Buffalo

The Pandharpuri Buffalo is a breed of bovines that developed in the Indian state of Maharashtra, and can easily be identified by their characteristic long, sword shaped or twisted horns. These water buffalo are known for their high milk-yielding capacity, and adaptability to the draught prone area, where they are primarily distributed. They are very common in the rural milk producing farms in these areas. Continue reading “Pandharpuri Buffalo”