Black Bengal Goat

The Black Bengal Goat is a very popular breed of goats from India and Bangladesh. As the name suggests, they are usually black, and are mainly raised for their meat, though also for milk, but seldom kept as pets. They are extensively reared throughout their regions mainly because of their very low demand of food and housing, and a very high baby production rate. They are found in their region since unrecorded time. Continue reading “Black Bengal Goat”

Africana Sheep

The Africana is a breed of sheep indigenous to Colombia and Venezuela. The Africana sheep has mixed blood, and true specimens of this breed are limited to only a few flocks. With almost the same size and conformation as the Pelibüey, these domesticated sheep are mainly raised for the production of mutton. The Africana breed, which mostly comes in some shades of brown and tan, or similar hues, has been classified under the ‘hair breed’. Of the total sheep population, 36 percent are males and 64 percent females. Continue reading “Africana Sheep”

American Yorkshire Pig

The American Yorkshire is a breed of large domesticated pigs is the American version of Britain’s ‘Large White’. It was developed in the UK, and later imported to the US, and proved to be a great success in the pork industry of the country. This breed is only comparable to the Landrance pigs by size and other characteristics. Currently, the population of this breed is static. Continue reading “American Yorkshire Pig”

Brabanter Chicken

The Brabanter Chicken is a very old breed of fowls that originated in the Netherlands. Known for their strikingly beautiful looks, they are mostly bred for egg production and ornamental purposes. The Brabanter is a very rare breed even in its own habitat, and in the US, it is only the gold and the cream varieties that are commonly available. These chickens have two main distinguishing characteristics – a small tuft of feathers on the head, and a beard. They make a good choice for those who are looking to raise backyard flocks. Continue reading “Brabanter Chicken”

Australian Call Duck

The Australian Call Ducks is breed of domesticated ducks from Australia. It is officially a separate breed, and is not related to English or the American Call Ducks. The Aussie calls are raised primarily for the ornamental purposes, or just as pets. This bantam breed is still developing, with a lot of work to be done for its further development. Continue reading “Australian Call Duck”

Arapawa Pig

The Arapawa Pig is a very significant breed since it is the rarest breed of pig in the whole world. These pigs from New Zealand had been critically endangered before efforts were taken to increase their count. Over the years, several attempts had also been taken to catch some of these pigs until the late 1990s there were only a few adults on the mainland. They are no more considered to be a breed for only meat production. Continue reading “Arapawa Pig”