Buff (Orpington) Duck

The Buff Duck (also known as the ‘Orpington Duck’), is a breed of hardy, docile ducks that are fairly easy to breed and care for. Apart from poultry, these colorful birds are also kept as pets. They like swimming, but would be happy as long as they are provided with splashing water. Because of their limited flying ability, a low fence shelter is enough to fit them in. Continue reading “Buff (Orpington) Duck”

Barbari Goat

The Barbari Goat is one of the 20 classified breeds of goats found in India. They are primarily a meat-type breed, but considering the number of animals reported, it is urgent to undertake conservation measures. It has also been surveyed that, most male goats are castrated early in life (within 7 to 30 days), and fattened for slaughtering at religious festivals. However, these live resources have a general mortality rate. They are highly manageable, and can adapt themselves in stall-feeding condition. Continue reading “Barbari Goat”

Appenzell Goat

The Appenzell Goat is characterized by its pure white look and a strong structure. Originating in the ‘half-cantons’ of the historic regions of the Appenzell, Appenzell Ausserrhoden and Appenzell Innerrhoden, this rare breed spread throughout the neighboring canton of St. Gallen. An endangered indigenous breed, they are primarily known for their milk-producing capacity, and not for meat. Milk-production depends on how much these goats would be taken care of. Continue reading “Appenzell Goat”