Belgian Fawn Goat

The Belgian Fawn Goat is a breed of dark color goats that was developed in Belgium. These domesticated goats are mainly reared for the production of milk. Their milk is known for good taste, quantity, and nutritional value.

Belgian Fawn Goat
Belgian Fawn Goat

Quick Description

Also known as Chamoisée, Hertkleurig
Characteristics Medium size goats with a narrow neck, erect ears, having facial similarity with deer; the legs are thin but well-shaped; the belly and abdomen region, from the leg joints to the hooves, the inside ears, and a narrow back part running parallel to the backbone, and part of the face are mostly black; the average height of the male at the wither is 81 cm (32 inches) and the female is 71 cm (30 inches)
Coat Hair Short
Color Mostly fawn, also black or brown
Horns Short, straight
Uses Milk production
Weight (size) Buck: 65 kg (140 pounds) (average);
Nanny: 60 kg (130 pounds) (average)
Country of Origin Belgium

History and Development

This breed descended from the Chamois Colored Goat, an indigenous breed of domestic goats from Switzerland. The Belgian Fawn Goats are also related and are similar to the Oberhasli Goat breed of the United States. These goats reached USA for the first time by boat.

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