Bhadawari Buffalo

The Bhadawari is a breed of domesticated Indian water buffaloes that are mainly famous for their ability to yield large quantity of milk. Because of this ability, they have proved to be extremely profitable to many farmers in the agriculture-based developing economies like Thailand, Malaysia, Nepal, the Philippines, and Bulgaria.

These animals are frequently crossed with the meat and milch buffalo breed called the ‘Murrah’. Resultantly, the population of the pure Bhadawari specimens is dwindling to only a few thousand at present. The male Bhadawaris are considered as one of the best for ploughing marshy fields. The calf mortality rate is also quite low as compared to other buffalo breeds.

Bhadawari Buffalo Photo
Bhadawari Buffalo Photo

Quick Description

Also known as Bhadwari, Etawah
Physical Characteristics Wedge shaped body, size is medium, having copper-colored and grayish black skin; ears are scanty while forehead is small and bulging between the horns; two white lines present at the lower side of the neck, which is a characteristic of this breed; tail is thick and long; head is relatively small, with short and stout legs and black hooves; hindquarters are uniform and slightly higher than forequarters
Horn Curled upward and slightly outward, parallel to the neck, while the tips are curled upwards
Type River buffalo
Uses Milk production, dairy; also for ploughing
Popular Traits Can yield high quality milk; extremely hardy and economical to rear
Calving Age at first calving: 50 months;
Calving Interval: 478 days
Lactation Duration 272 days
Lifespan/Expectancy 15 to 18 years
Weight Male: 475 kg;
Female: 425 kg
(adult averages)
Height (size) Male: 128 cm;
Female: 124 cm
(adult averages)
Food/Diet Coarse feed, straw and corn products, roughage like sugar cane residuals, cornstalks, sorghum, barley, wheat, crop residues and green forage
Country of Origin India
Bhadawari Buffalo
Bhadawari Buffalo


Primarily, the Bhadawaris are spread across the North Indian state of Uttar Pradesh in the districts of Agra and Etawah, especially along the banks of the river Yamuna. They are also common in the districts of Morena and Bhind of Madhya Pradesh in central India.

Milk Production

The female Bhadawari buffalos are able to produce milk that contains high buttermilk ranging between 6 and 12.5 % since they have the ability to convert animal feed into butterfat. Their lactation period lasts for about 272 days, during which time they are capable of producing 752–810 kilos (1,658–1,786 lb) of milk (or, up to an average of 3 kilos of milk per day).

Bhadawari Breed of Buffalo
Bhadawari Breed of Buffalo

Interesting Facts

  • In 2008, a comparative study between 4 buffalo breeds from India has shown that the Bhadawari buffaloes yield milk that has more amount of ‘solid fat’ than the Murrah breed, which has the largest amount of casein contents, total protein, and fat.

    Bhadawari Buffalo Images
    Bhadawari Buffalo Images

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