Romanian Buffalo

The Romanian Buffalo is a breed of water buffalo that evolved in Romania. They are known for their tasty milk used to make dairy products, as well as their sweet-tasting meat. Their population at present is decreasing. In 1996, the total number of buffalo counted to 209,432, which were raised in 86,480 herds. The total number of adult females was 97,320 while the number of adult males was 2510. With rapid decline, the number of female recorded in the herd book in 2003 was 275. Continue reading “Romanian Buffalo”

Pandharpuri Buffalo

The Pandharpuri Buffalo is a breed of bovines that developed in the Indian state of Maharashtra, and can easily be identified by their characteristic long, sword shaped or twisted horns. These water buffalo are known for their high milk-yielding capacity, and adaptability to the draught prone area, where they are primarily distributed. They are very common in the rural milk producing farms in these areas. Continue reading “Pandharpuri Buffalo”

Mediterranea Italiana

The Mediterranea Italiana is a breed of Italian river buffalo that are well known for their milk-yielding abilities. Although these bovids have been used as draught animals, to keep waterways, channels, drainage systems clean from weeds. In Europe, the buffalo population had dramatically been declining since the World War II, with the introduction of the Holstein dairy cattle, and with gradual mechanization. Continue reading “Mediterranea Italiana”

Bhadawari Buffalo

The Bhadawari is a breed of domesticated Indian water buffaloes that are mainly famous for their ability to yield large quantity of milk. Because of this ability, they have proved to be extremely profitable to many farmers in the agriculture-based developing economies like Thailand, Malaysia, Nepal, the Philippines, and Bulgaria.

These animals are frequently crossed with the meat and milch buffalo breed called the ‘Murrah’. Resultantly, the population of the pure Bhadawari specimens is dwindling to only a few thousand at present. The male Bhadawaris are considered as one of the best for ploughing marshy fields. The calf mortality rate is also quite low as compared to other buffalo breeds. Continue reading “Bhadawari Buffalo”