Australorp Chicken

The Australorp Chicken is a breed of large fowls that was developed in Australia. This is known to be a very hardy breed, being one of the largest heritage utility breeds of chicken. However, a bantam variety of the breed is also found. Other than being a dual purpose breed (meat and eggs), they are also equally popular as ornamental birds for their vibrantly-colored feathers and good looks. Farming and taking care of these birds is easy since they can bear confinement well and are resistant to most of the common poultry diseases. Continue reading “Australorp Chicken”

Barbu d’Uccle

The Barbu dUccle is a breed of small-sized, ornamental chickens that originated in Belgium. They are true bantam chickens, since they do not have a larger counterpart. This breed has an incredibly good nature, and is famous in poultry farms and houses for their good looks. Barbu dUccle is not a meat or egg breed, but are mostly used in exhibitions and shows. Continue reading “Barbu d’Uccle”

Barbu de Grubbe

The Barbu du Grubbe is a breed of extremely rare chicken that was developed in Belgium in the early 20th century. With no larger counterpart present, this breed is classified as ‘true bantam’. This is a very rare breed, and has been considered as ‘critically endangered’. Breeding programs have been undertaken by the authorities, though, in order to increase the population of this rare fowl. Continue reading “Barbu de Grubbe”

Australian Langshan Chicken

The Australian Langshan is a breed of very popular chicken that was developed in Australia. A bantam variety of this breed is also available, which is one of the most popular of all Australian chickens. The chicken is usually used as a show bird, as well as for egg production. However, these birds are quite rare outside Australia. Continue reading “Australian Langshan Chicken”

Australian Game Fowl

The Australian Game Fowl is a breed of hardy and courageous Australian chicken that was originally developed from fighting cock strains during the time when the fad was for leggy, tall fowls, and chicken fight was en vogue. With their appearance, demeanor, and characteristic attributes, they excelled many other contemporary chicken breeds, and got a conformation in no time. Also, the then mass preference made these chickens popular very soon, and they could successfully catch on as a popular show and game fowl. Not just that, these domesticated birds were also considered as the perfect farm breed, providing good quality meat for the table. Continue reading “Australian Game Fowl”