Saxony Duck

The Saxony Duck is a breed of domesticated, very rare, crossbred ducks that was developed in Germany. The Saxony is not a very old breed, and is less than a century old, but is almost on its way to extinction. It was created mainly as a ‘dual-purpose’ breed – for the production of both meat and eggs. However, this colorful waterfowl is no less popular as a show bird, and is considered to be beautiful. The breed is suitable both as pets as well as for watching. Over the years, there have been a number of Saxony ducks winning at the waterfowl shows. Continue reading “Saxony Duck”

Pomeranian Duck

The Pomeranian Duck is a breed of very rare waterfowls, developed as a crossbreed in Germany. Known for its good looks and shimmering hues, this is a light duck breed that was primarily developed for both meat and eggs, and also as a pet breed. However, at present, they are mostly used for ornamental purposes, and are ideal as for domestic gardens and ponds. Continue reading “Pomeranian Duck”

Hook Bill Duck

The Hook Bill Duck, or simply ‘Hookbill’, is a breed of domestic duck originating in the Netherlands that got its name from the aquiline-nosed beaks. They are the oldest Domestic Waterfowl breed in Europe and have a history of over four centuries. This duck had traditionally been raised alongside canals in the Netherlands. Presently, they are an endangered breed, with only 250-400 breeding individuals left. The population is growing in a very slow pace. Continue reading “Hook Bill Duck”

Golden Cascade Duck

The Golden Cascade Duck is a breed of water birds that evolved in the United States of America. They are one of the newest birds developed for domestication. They are widely distributed in different parts of North America with the Cascade Range along the western side, up from Northern California to the British Columbia. Though they are dual purpose ducks, they are mostly raised for their eggs. Continue reading “Golden Cascade Duck”

Australian Spotted Duck

The Australian Spotted Duck is a bantum breed of ducks that developed in the USA. These flying ducks are known for their good looks and friendly disposition towards their owners. The waterfowls will never leave the owner’s house unless they are over-crowded, or are in a dirty living condition, or else, threatened by predators. Continue reading “Australian Spotted Duck”