Australian Call Duck

The Australian Call Ducks is breed of domesticated ducks from Australia. It is officially a separate breed, and is not related to English or the American Call Ducks. The Aussie calls are raised primarily for the ornamental purposes, or just as pets. This bantam breed is still developing, with a lot of work to be done for its further development. Continue reading “Australian Call Duck”

Buff (Orpington) Duck

The Buff Duck (also known as the ‘Orpington Duck’), is a breed of hardy, docile ducks that are fairly easy to breed and care for. Apart from poultry, these colorful birds are also kept as pets. They like swimming, but would be happy as long as they are provided with splashing water. Because of their limited flying ability, a low fence shelter is enough to fit them in. Continue reading “Buff (Orpington) Duck”