Chester White Pig

The Chester White Pig is a breed of large, fatty pigs that originated in the United States of America. This is a domestic breed that actively takes part in commercial crossbreeding operations for pork in the country. Though not as well-known as the Yorkshire, the Hampshire, or the Duroc pigs, they are a versatile breed and are perfect for both intensive and extensive pig farming. Continue reading “Chester White Pig”

Belgian Landrace Pig

The Belgian Landrace Pig is a breed of domestic pigs that originated in Belgium. They are one of the most common and popular pork breeds amongst the other ‘landrace’ strains, and are extensively reared all across Belgium. Not merely its tasty meat, but also its success in meeting with the demands of the world market has made it popular among the breeders, sellers and consumers in many other countries. Continue reading “Belgian Landrace Pig”