Australian Yorkshire Pig

The Australian Yorkshire Pig originally developed in the Yorkshire region of England from the original breed of domesticated pigs in the country, and was later exported to Australia and North America. Since then, farming this breed has become extensively common, making it the most “dominant breed (of pig) in Australia”. The breed has become extremely popular for their high-quality meat. Continue reading “Australian Yorkshire Pig”

Bazna Pig

The Bazna is a big size Romanian pig that has a characteristic white belt around its black body. With its high adaptability to any conditions, they are much demanded by farmers and breeders. However, these animals are gradually losing their genetic characteristics since the producers are not completely dedicated to preserving the breed’s purity. This pork is a popular Transylvanian specialty. Continue reading “Bazna Pig”

American Yorkshire Pig

The American Yorkshire is a breed of large domesticated pigs is the American version of Britain’s ‘Large White’. It was developed in the UK, and later imported to the US, and proved to be a great success in the pork industry of the country. This breed is only comparable to the Landrance pigs by size and other characteristics. Currently, the population of this breed is static. Continue reading “American Yorkshire Pig”

Arapawa Pig

The Arapawa Pig is a very significant breed since it is the rarest breed of pig in the whole world. These pigs from New Zealand had been critically endangered before efforts were taken to increase their count. Over the years, several attempts had also been taken to catch some of these pigs until the late 1990s there were only a few adults on the mainland. They are no more considered to be a breed for only meat production. Continue reading “Arapawa Pig”