Cheviot Sheep

The Cheviot Sheep is a dual-purpose breed, being raised primarily for meat and wool. This breed gets its name from a range of hills of the same name in north Northumberland and the Scottish Borders. A distinctive feature of the breed is that both male and female Cheviots are in constant demand for breeding purposes. Even to this day, the rams have proved to be good crossing sires for the production of lambs, especially with other hill breeds. Continue reading “Cheviot Sheep”

Africana Sheep

The Africana is a breed of sheep indigenous to Colombia and Venezuela. The Africana sheep has mixed blood, and true specimens of this breed are limited to only a few flocks. With almost the same size and conformation as the Pelibüey, these domesticated sheep are mainly raised for the production of mutton. The Africana breed, which mostly comes in some shades of brown and tan, or similar hues, has been classified under the ‘hair breed’. Of the total sheep population, 36 percent are males and 64 percent females. Continue reading “Africana Sheep”