Australian Yorkshire Pig

The Australian Yorkshire Pig originally developed in the Yorkshire region of England from the original breed of domesticated pigs in the country, and was later exported to Australia and North America. Since then, farming this breed has become extensively common, making it the most “dominant breed (of pig) in Australia”. The breed has become extremely popular for their high-quality meat. Continue reading “Australian Yorkshire Pig”

Carpathian Goat

The Carpathian Goat is an old breed of endangered Polish goats that are used for the production of milk and meat. The breed is adapted to the local climate, management system, much resistant to parasites, and support capacity of vegetable production. They can even be raised in small backyards. This breed has a well-disposed temperament which makes them ideal for being used in agro-tourism projects. Continue reading “Carpathian Goat”

Australian Spotted Duck

The Australian Spotted Duck is a bantum breed of ducks that developed in the USA. These flying ducks are known for their good looks and friendly disposition towards their owners. The waterfowls will never leave the owner’s house unless they are over-crowded, or are in a dirty living condition, or else, threatened by predators. Continue reading “Australian Spotted Duck”

Bazna Pig

The Bazna is a big size Romanian pig that has a characteristic white belt around its black body. With its high adaptability to any conditions, they are much demanded by farmers and breeders. However, these animals are gradually losing their genetic characteristics since the producers are not completely dedicated to preserving the breed’s purity. This pork is a popular Transylvanian specialty. Continue reading “Bazna Pig”

Australian Game Fowl

The Australian Game Fowl is a breed of hardy and courageous Australian chicken that was originally developed from fighting cock strains during the time when the fad was for leggy, tall fowls, and chicken fight was en vogue. With their appearance, demeanor, and characteristic attributes, they excelled many other contemporary chicken breeds, and got a conformation in no time. Also, the then mass preference made these chickens popular very soon, and they could successfully catch on as a popular show and game fowl. Not just that, these domesticated birds were also considered as the perfect farm breed, providing good quality meat for the table. Continue reading “Australian Game Fowl”