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Published on 12th June 2021 by staff

Aksai Black Pied Pig

Aksai Black Pied Pig

The Aksai Black Pied Pig is a large breed of pigs developed in the mid-eastern country of Kazakhstan. They are known for their distinctive black and white pattern. In some parts of the region, these domestic pigs are still used for agricultural purposes; however, they are mostly bred for their meat.

CharacteristicsMedium to big stature, stocky body, long, erect ears, and a big muzzle; legs are stout and strong
Coat HairShort
Wool ColorCreamy to white with dark gray or black uneven patches
UsesMostly for meat; also in agriculture
Lifespan/Expectancy15 to 18 years
Weight240–320 kg (530–710 lb)
(average weight of boar is 317 kg and Sow is 245 kg)
Height (size)Boar: 182 cm (average)
Sow: 167 cm (average)
Litter Size9-10 piglets per litter
Flock Details8-10
DietGeneral pig fodder
Country of OriginKazakhstan

History and Development

These pigs were developed by crossing the native pigs with the Large Whites and the Berkshires. They numbered to 3000 in 1964, 4000 in 1969 and 9000 in 1974. As of 1 January 1980 the total population was 11,000 including 5000 purebreds, of which 173 were breeding boars, 342 breeding sows, and 444 sows were on test.

Aksai Black Pied Pigs
Aksai Black Pied Pig Pictures

In 1983, an evaluation with a group consisting of 3 boar lines and 6 sow families were held in a fattening performance test, the results of which showed that, the time they take to attain their 100 kg body weight is about 212 days, and their feed/kg gain is 4.27 fodder units. The test also revealed that, their back fat thickness is 30 mm, the length of the carcass being 96 cm and ham weight 11.2 kg.

The group of these pigs had been raised, and eventually improved by breeding in the state farm situated in Kaskelenski and also at the Aksai experimental and training farm in Kazakhstan’s Alma-Ata region. The herd that is in Aksai is often crossed commercially with Landrace boars, North Caucasians, and Large White pigs primarily to improve the litter size and the quality of meat.

Meat Production

Owing to their big size, the amount of meat produced by them is huge, with the meat said to be of high quality. Also, the production is lucrative and prompt since the baby aksai pigs grow very quickly. An average 51-kilo juvenile of one month would be approximately 174 kilos by the time it is two months old.

Aksai Black Pied Pig Babies
Aksai Black Pied Pig Baby
Aksai Black Pied Pig Images

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