Geese, are a species of waterfowl that are bred primarily for their meat. However, they have also served other purposes. These include being raised for eggs and in the preparation of foie gras. Their feathers are used to stuff pillows. Geese are very good at weeding out unwanted plants, often used in organic farming. They also make excellent pets, and can even act as alert guardians.

Geese Flying


The word “goose”, its singular form can signify a male or female, but if paired with the male term “gander”, it refers specifically to a female one. Young geese  are called goslings prior to fledgling.

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Goose Egg

Sexual dimorphism is barely seen in domestic geese, with the identification mostly done on the basis of behavior and physical features. The males appear larger and taller with longer necks, and protective demeanor than their female counterparts.

Types of Goose Breeds

Geese are generally classified into three categories based on their weight – heavy, medium, and light.

Types of Goose Breeds

Heavy Breeds

Medium Breeds

Light Breeds

History and Development

Geese Teeth

Goose Bird

It is believed that the goose was first domesticated in Egypt over 4000 years ago. The goose also underwent separate domestication events in both Southeastern Europe, especially Greece, and in Mesopotamia in around 3000 BCE. The main reason for rearing the bird was for its meat and for sacrificial purposes. Geese husbandry slowly gained popularity, peaking during the Medieval Period that spanned from the 5th to the 15th century, with peasants maintaining massive flocks during this time.

Baby Geese

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In northern Africa, western Asia, and Europe, domesticated geese were bred from the greylag goose, while in eastern Asia, they evolved from the swan goose. A large knob is seen on those that developed from the swan goose, which is used to distinguish the two.

Quick Information

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  • Best meat-producing geese
  • Embden Goose
  • African Goose
  • Pilgrim Goose
  • Best egg-producing geese
  • Toulouse Goose
  • Embden Goose
  • African Goose
  • Best geese as pets
  • Buff Goose
  • Sebastopol Goose
  •  Pilgrim Goose

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