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Published on 12th June 2021 by staff

Azpi Gorri

Azpi Gorri

The Azpi Gorri is a breed of rare goats that are found in Basque in Spain. With less than 100 animals remaining, it is considered an endangered breed. Nevertheless, these goats are farmed for the meat than for the milk. Business of these goats is successful in the rural areas. The present day breed ‘Azpi Zuri’ is a variant of the Azpi Gorri.

CharacteristicsStrongly-built body with well-positioned joints and muscled limbs
Coat HairMedium to short
Wool ColorDark with reddish or brown in the abdominal region, limbs and parts of the head like the cheek
HornLong, arched at the back
TailShort, erect
UsesMeat, milk production
SizeMedium (baby AG weighing around 12 kg)
Country of OriginBasque

History and Development

These goats are indigenous to the Basque region of Spain and are raised throughout the year. This is mainly because, during celebrations of special occasions, there is a prevailing custom of serving meat of young goats, which is the central attraction of the feast.

Between the 1980s and the 1990s, in order to maintain sanitation and to preserve nature, the government of Basque adopted a plan of eliminating all goats. Soon after, the population of these goats significantly diminished. Later, a conservation effort was put into effect as the administration realized the economic importance of this resource.

Azpi Gorri Pictures
Azpi Gorri Images


There are only a handful of farmers left that produce this meat. The azpi gorri kids are raised only by feeding mother’s milk and are taken for slaughter when they are about 35 to 40 days old. Walking on the mountainous grounds gives this goat developed joints and muscular fibers, delivering extra taste to the meat. After slaughter, the meat is kept outdoors for about 4 days before it is ready to be consumed.

Interesting Facts

  • In local Basque language, the word ‘azpi gorri’ means “with lower reddish”.
Azpi Gorri Goat
Azpi Gorri Baby
Azpi Gorri Goats

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