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Published on 14th June 2021 by staff

Bali Duck

Bali Duck Pictures

Bali duck is an ancient type of domestic duck found in Bali, Indonesia. Although its egg laying capability is high, it is basically raised for decoration or as pets. It is akin to the Indian Runner Duck – the only difference being the presence of crest on the top of the head.

Also Known AsBalinese Crested Duck, Crested Runner Duck
CharacteristicsSlender body with an upright posture, wide shoulders with heavier body; tend to carry their bodies at an angle of  60 to 70 degrees to the ground; characteristic crest on top of the head
ColorComes in varied colorations – the most common being white, brown and mallard
PurposeReared mainly for decoration or as pets
Eggs120 to 250 per year; white to blue-green in color, weighing around 80 grams
IncubationBetween 26 to 28 days
LifespanAround 4 to 8 years but, can live up to 12 years
WeightApproximately 2.25–2.75 kg (5–6 lb)
Country of OriginBali (Indonesia)


The duck is one of the oldest among domestic varieties, and it is uncommon outside its country of origin. In spite of its good laying capacity, the duck is not subjected to selective breeding for egg production like the Indian runner duck, most probably due to the high incidence of mortality rate. The Indian runner duck is believed to be a descendant of the Bali duck.

Bali Duck Eggs
Baby Bali Duck

Interesting Fact

The gene that is responsible for the crest on the top of the head is considered to be a fatal gene as it brings about various deformities, which has a high chance of death before hatching. To overcome the problem, the duck is crossbred, resulting in higher survival rates but, only 50% of the offspring will possess the crest.

Bali Duck Images
Bali Ducks
Bali Duck
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