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Published on 5th December 2022 by staff

Bourbonnais Black Turkey (Dindon du Bourbonnais)

Bourbonnais Black Turkey
Bourbonnais Black Turkey

The Bourbonnais Black Turkey, or simply the ‘Bourbonnais Turkey’, is a breed of completely black domesticated fowls that originated in France. Being a relatively smaller variety, they are gradually becoming famous. They are a fast growing and very hardy breed. Also, at times, the Bourbonnais may show a few brown feathers at the back. The Bourbonnais turkeys are lively and vigorous, and need farms or poultries that have plenty of space.

CharacteristicsAverage to small size bird that looks very similar to the Black Turkey of Sologne, but are less heavy and more elegant; both males and females have an overall sturdy look; the tursy is dark in color but gradually lightens with age (or at times becomes rosy)
PlumagePitch black feathers with metallic sheen
BeardYes; red in color hanging loosely from the head and throat
TemperamentDocile, vagabond-natured, easy to tame
PurposesMeat, ornamental purposes
Popular TraitsHardy and extremely resistant and can stay outdoors in extreme weather conditions including rains and snow
Egg ProductionLarge eggs; Good layers with over 60 eggs every year
Meat ProductionExtremely fine and delicate quality; 7-13 kg of meat (live market weight)
DietFruits, breads, chicken pellets, all types of grains, and plants like nettles; they also prefer live foods like insects, and also mice and young rats; domestic chicks are often fed with eggs, buttermilk and mealworms
SizeAdult Tom: 10-13 kg
Adult Hen: 7-8 kg
Country of OriginFrance


This breed was produced in the Bourbonnais region of France (Duché de Bourbon), from which it got its name. Not much is known about their origin though, but they are thought to have been brought to France in the early 16th century by the Jesuits.

Interesting Facts

  • They are able to prey upon rodents and reptiles, including snakes.
  • Birds with the sign of any other color in the feathers other than black are disqualified.
Dindon du Bourbonnais
Bourbonnais Black Turkey Pictures
Dindon du Bourbonnais Pictures

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