Charnequeira Goat

The Charnequeira Goat is an ancient breed of domesticated Portuguese goats. They are primarily red-colored, dual-purpose goats that are primarily raised for both milk and meat. These animals are easy to maintain since they require no specific housing in the farms, and can graze for their own food.

Charnequeira Goats
Charnequeira Goats

Quick Description

Characteristics The body is of average stature, and is strong, and harmoniously built with sturdy, well-positioned legs; the ears are small and straight, while the tail is short
Coat Hair Commonly red, but are available in pied (with a mixture of yellow and/or black) too
Horns Most individuals have horns; the lyre-shaped horns are long, wide and twisted; rarely, some of them come polled (without horns)
Uses Meat production, Milk production
Other Uses: Cheese production, Vegetation management
Popular Traits Low cost maintenance
Housing Not required
Diet/Feeding Grazing
Lactation Duration 270 days
Lifespan/Expectancy Average
Weight Buck: 50 kg;
Nanny: 35 kg
(Average adult weight)
Height (size) Buck: 75 cm;
Nanny: 70 cm
(Average adult height at the withers)
Ancestors Algarvia Goat
Country of Origin Portugal
Breed Status Acknowledged
Breed Societies and Organizations Direccao-Geral de Pecuaria, Largo da Biblioteca Publica, 1, P-1100 Lisboa, Portugal
Charnequeira Goat
Charnequeira Goat

History and Development

Nothing concrete is known about the age of this breed or its development. It is only known that, this breed originated from the autochthon local breed from Portugal’s Algarvia, known as the Algarvia Goat. Their primary range of distribution is Beira Baixa and Alentejo. Presently, the breed status of this goat has been acknowledged.

Charnequeira Goat Images
Charnequeira Goat Images

Video: Charnequeira Goats Grazing

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