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Published on 14th June 2021 by staff

Emden Goose

Embden Geese

Emden goose is one of the oldest varieties of domestic breed of goose dating back to around 200 years. One of the tallest breeds of goose, It is popular for commercial meat production because of its large size and fast growth rate.

Other NamesBremen Goose, White Embden Goose
Physical CharacteristicsBulky and rounded body, back is long with a short tail; oval-shaped head with long neck, strong and good size wings with hard and close feathers, legs are short
ColorWhite with orange feet and shanks, bill is light orange whereas eyes are blue
PersonalityQuite hardy, excellent foragers, extremely caring as parents, males may become aggressive sometimes
UsesMeat production
WeightMale: Around 14 kg
Female: Around 9 kg
Eggs30 to 40 eggs per breeding season, white in color and are extra large, weighing around 170 g each
IncubationAround 28 to 34 days
Country of OriginGermany

History and Development

The breed is believed to have originated from the northern region of Germany. According to eminent authors, the goose belongs to the town of Emden in Germany, hence its name. Other opinions suggested that the breed was the outcome of crossbreeding between the German White and the English White followed by careful selections which created the present variety.

Emden Goose
Emden Goose Pictures
Emden Gooseling
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