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Nubian Goat

Nubian Goat

The Anglo-Nubian or simply Nubian is a breed of large domestic goats bred for milk and meat. Originated in England, these multi-purpose animals are distinguished by their large, drooping ears. They are widely distributed across the world and are exported to over sixty countries for their high productivity.

Also Known AsLop-Eared Goat, Greyhound Goat
Physical CharacteristicsStockier than other dairy breeds, convex facial profile (Roman nose), wide and pendulous ears, extending one inch below the muzzle
Temperament/PersonalityOutgoing, sociable, vocal
ColorSolid or patterned, including black, red, and tan
CoatShort, fine, glossy
WeightBucks: 79-140 kg (175-310 lbs) Does: 61-110 kg (135-240 lbs)
HeightBucks: 88-92 cm (35-36 in) Does: 76-84 cm (31-33 in)
UsesMeat, dairy, and hide
DietGrass, alfalfa hay, dairy-goat grain concentrates
Lactation Period250 days
Lifespan12-15 years
Climate ToleranceCan live in arid and hot conditions, tolerates frequent changes of temperature
Country of OriginEngland, the United Kingdom
Standard and Qualification InformationAmerican Dairy Goat Association

History and Development

The Nubian goat was developed in England in the 19th century by crossing native British goats, such as the Old English milch with lop-eared goats from North Africa, India, and the Middle East. Among the imported stock were Zaraibi from Egypt and Jamnapari from India.

Some of the Nubian goats were brought to the West Indies and the US in 1909. The breed was first recorded in the herd book in 1910.

Anglo Nubian Goat
Male Nubian Goat

Meat Production

Valued for their large, fleshy stature, Anglo-Nubians are one of the most commonly used goat breeds in the meat production sector. They are typically crossed with Boers to produce larger goats for meat.

Full Grown Nubian Goat
Pictures of Nubian Goats

Milk Production

The Nubians’ average milk yield is about 1,820 lbs per lactation, which is not as high as most of the Swiss dairy goat breeds. Their milk is, however, more flavorful as compared to that of other milk-producing breeds. It has a higher percentage of butterfat, with an average 4.9% fat and 3.7% protein content.

Pictures of Nubian Goats
Nubian Dairy Goats


The breeding season of Anglo-Nubians is during the cooler and drier months, occurring between November and April. They carry their young for 140-145 days, after which they give birth to 1-2 kids. These goats become sexually matured at an age of 12-22 months.

Nubian Goat Kid
Baby Nubian Goats

Interesting Facts

  • Anglo-Nubians can produce milk almost throughout the year, with the highest recorded annual yield being more than 5,500 lbs.
  • The kids of Nubian goats are fattened rapidly for meat production.

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