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Published on 5th December 2022 by staff

Oberhasli Goat

Oberhasli Goat
Oberhasli Goat

Oberhasli is a type of American dairy goat which descended from the Chamois Colored Goat from the Oberhasli district in central Switzerland. The breed was initially known as Swiss Alpine until purebred herds were developed and maintained. The Swiss Alpine variety interbred with other types of Alpine goats.

Also Known AsSwiss Alpine, Oberhasli Brienzer
Physical CharacteristicsFace is straight or concave; both, male and female are devoid of horns
Temperament/PersonalityDocile, friendly, gentle
Body ColorBody ranging from light brown to deep reddish tan; black forehead and belly with a black dorsal stripe; light gray to black udder; legs are black below the knees; hocks and ears are black on the inside;
Coat ColorBay or mid-brown with black markings; two black  lines appear from the eyes to the muzzle
Weight100 to 150 lb
HeightBucks: 30 – 34 in

Does: 28 – 32 in
Lactation PeriodAround 9 months
Lifespan8 to 12 years
Climate ToleranceCan withstand cold weather conditions well
Country of OriginOriginated in Switzerland, but brought to the United States in 1900’s

History and Development

Oberhasli goats first made entry to the United States in the early 1900s, but the variety was not a pure breed. It was only in 1936 that the purebred type was established in the United States from a stock of five Chamois Colored Goats imported from Switzerland. In 1977, a breeders association was formed, and in the following year, a herdbook was established. The registration records were separated from the Alpine variety. During 1978-79, the American Dairy Goat Association accepted Oberhasli as a separate breed.

Mini Oberhasli Goat
Oberhasli Goat Baby

Milk Production

On average, a female would yield between 930-4,450 lbs of milk per lactation period. The milk contains about 3.9% fat and 2.9% protein.

Oberhasli Goat Buck
Oberhasli Goat Pictures

Interesting facts

  • Oberhasli goats can climb trees as they have great balance.
  • The Chinese zodiac includes the goat as one of the twelve animals.
Oberhasli Goats Images
Oberhasli Goats

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