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Published on 12th June 2021 by staff

Abacot Ranger Duck

Abacot Ranger Duck

The Abacot Ranger is a breed of colorful, domesticated ducks from UK. These hardy birds are usually bred for eggs and meat though, but are presently quite popular for exhibitions. Since these ducks rarely fly, they can easily be kept in spaces and orchards with short fences to protect from predators like foxes.

Other NamesStreicher, Streicherente
CharacteristicsMales are brighter; females have fawn heads with dark slate grey bills; males have black heads with a green lustre and a white ring around the neck, their beaks are green; both sexes have steel grey feet; ducklings can be sexed from 8 months of age
Personality TraitsFriendly, trainable, peaceful
PurposesEgg, meat
Eggs5-8 eggs per cluth; average weight: 65-70 gram
Incubation Period26-28 days
LifespanMore than 10 years
WeightDrake: 3 kg
Hen: 2.5 kg
Height (size)20-24 inches
DietSlugs, snails, crustaceans, insects; organic foods
Country of OriginUnited Kingdom

History and Development

The Abacot Ranger was created in the UK between 1917 and 1922 by crossing Indian Runners with Khaki Campbells by Mr. Oscar Gray from the Abacot Duck Ranch, Colchester. He initially named them ‘Hooded Ranger’.

Later, in 1926, the ducks were imported into Germany via Denmark, where the breed was ‘stabilized’ as a color form by H. Lieker. It was eventually standardized there in 1934 under the name of ‘Streicher-Ente’ (Ranger Duck). The BWA (British Waterfowl Association) and the Poultry Club standardized these ducks in 1987.

Abacot Ranger Ducklings
Abacot Ranger Duck Female

Egg and Meat Production

Abacots are very good egg layers, laying fairly large white egg almost the size of Indian Runner’s. Normally, a healthy duck would lay around 180 to 200 eggs per year.

These ducks are also known for their good-quality, tasty meat. An average abacot ranger can yield 2-3 kg of flesh.

Interesting Facts

  • Their old name ‘hooded ranger’ came from their fawn-buff feather ‘hood’ on the head.
  • In German they have been nicknamed as ‘Liekers Streifere’, meaning ‘Lieker’s Ranger’ or ‘Scout’.
  • In 1922, in egg laying trials at the Wye College (UK), a team of 4 Abacot ducks produced an average of 233.75 eggs and stood first in the trials.
Abacot Ranger Duck Pictures
Abacot Ranger Ducks
Pictures of Abacot Ranger Duck
Abacot Ranger Duck Images

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