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Published on 5th December 2022 by staff

Bardoka Sheep

Bardoka Sheep
Bardoka Sheep

The Bardoka Sheep is a domestic sheep breed found in the Metohia region of Kosovo. Its name is derived from the Albanian word “Bardoka”, meaning white. The breed can adjust itself to varied environmental conditions, especially cold weathers; however, it cannot tolerate high humidity.

Also Known AsWhite Metohian Sheep, White Metohija Sheep
Physical CharacteristicsWhite with pink skin; both, male and female are horned
WeightRams:65 kg (143 lb) at maturity
Ewes: 50 kg (110lb) at maturity
HeightRams: 70 cm (28 in) at the withers
Ewes: 60 cm (24 in) at the withers
UsesMilk, meat, and wool production, as well as for research
Country of OriginKosovo
DistributionKosovo, Montenegro, Serbia, and Albania

Milk Production

The lactation period of the ewes continues approximately for 180 days. Considered one of the highest milk-producing breeds, it provides 200 pints (100 lits) of milk with around 7.1% milk fat.

Bardoka Sheep Pictures
Bardoka Sheeps
Bardoka Sheep Images

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