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Published on 20th January 2022 by staff

Savanna Goat

Savanna Goats

The Savanna goat, typically distinguishable by its all-white coat, is indigenous to South Africa. This well-muscled robust breed mainly used as a meat goat is hardy and resilient and capable of surviving the adverse conditions of its habitat.

Also Known AsNot recorded
Physical CharacteristicsLarge stature, robust, well-muscled, with a long neck, strong hooves and jaws, oval, loosely hanging ears, and roman nose
Temperament/PersonalityFriendly, easy-going adjustable
ColorWhite coat as a result of their dominant gene, though their hooves, horns, and skin have black pigmentation protecting them from the sun
CoatThick and pliable
SizeModerately big
WeightApproximately 60 kg (132 pounds)
Height19-25 inches (48-62 cm)
UsesMainly meat, but even used to produce milk and make leather extracted from their skin
DietMostly thrives on leaves, fruits, shoots, and even other parts of trees
Lactation Period4-5 months
Lifespan12-15 years
Climate ToleranceHigh can adapt to extreme heat, cold, and even rains
Country of OriginSouth Africa
Standard and Qualification InformationNot recorded

History and Development

This is a new breed developed from the native South African goats, Boer being the primary breed in this regard. In fact, these goats have known to originate around 1957 in a stud farm, Ciller and Sons, adjacent to the Vaal River in South Africa.

The breeding process involved mixed-colored does and a big white buck, possibly the Boer. The outcome was a hardy breed capable of withstanding the tough conditions of the savannah, from heat to intense cold and even rain, also emerging as apt meat producers.

Savanna Goat Image
Savanna Goat Picture

After years of natural selection, their popularity began to spread, and the breed garnered interest of the fanciers. Infact, the South African breeders took initiatives of forming the Savanna Goat Society in 1993. The first strains of the Savannah goats were imported to the United States in 1994 by Jurgen Schulz. However, their history couldn’t be recorded due to lack of a registry there.  

Meat Production

Their hardiness, giving them strong drought and parasite resisting abilities, make them good meat goats. Kids aged 3-5 months are the ones that yield a good quality of meat sans the fat,  

Male Savanna Goat
White Savanna Goat

Milk Production 

The purebred ones give thick and creamy milk, mainly to feed their young. However, they are not typical milk goats. Sometimes, the farmers breed the Savannas with other domestic goats for a better milk supply.


The female goats are fertile with good mothering abilities, mainly delivering twins in a single pregnancy. The number could go up to four kids in a single litter in some cases. Their gestation period spans about 150 days. The kids take about three months to wean, attaining sexual maturity between four and six months.

Female Savanna Goat
Savanna Goat Size

Interesting Facts

  • The purebred Savanna goats are not too cheap, coming for $750-$2000. The Savanna-Boer cross comes for a reasonable price, about $350- $1000

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