Meat Goats

Goat meat – or mutton as it is commonly known – is a good source of protein and is healthier than red meat due to its low levels of saturated fat and cholesterol. Caring for goats is relatively stress-free because they are easy to tame and highly adaptable to most environments yet remarkably productive. Around 2.6 to 2.7 million meat goats in the United States alone are reared annually.

Meat Goats

List of Meat Goats

Here is a list of goats raised for their meat, arranged in order of the highest possible weight of the breed.

Goat BreedAverage Size (in lbs)
Kalahari Red165-253
Tennessee Meat60-175
Frisa Valtellinese143-154
Black Bengal55-66

Raising Goats for Meat

It is important to keep these things in mind while rearing meat goats.

  • Cleaning up after them – While goats can thrive in pastures or shelters that just need a cover, they are prone to being quite messy. You’ll probably have to clean up after your goats daily, sometimes more than once.
  • Butchering time – Some breeders will butcher their goats after a year when most goat breeds reach butchering size. But sometimes, it might be better to wait a bit longer as older goats weigh more and sell at higher prices.


1. What are the best meat goats to breed for profit?

While the Boer goat is extremely popular, research indicates that Spanish and Kiko goats are more productive over time.

2. Which are the best meat goats for beginners?

On the other hand, the Boer goat’s docile temperament and high productivity make it a great choice for someone starting out.

3. Which meat goats tolerate cold climates the best?

The Kiko goat is the best for someone living in colder regions.

4. How many meat goats can be kept per acre?

On average, 6-8 meat goats can be kept on a pasture about an acre wide.

5. What to feed meat goats?

Meat goats need a diet of high-nutrient food like corn, wheat, and soybeans.

6. How long do meat goats live?

Usually, female meat goats live for 11-12 years, while castrated rams can live for 16 years.

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