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Published on 4th July 2022 by staff

Brangus Cattle

Brangus Cattle

The Brangus cattle are a hybrid of the Angus and Brahman cattle. A registered breed ideally is 3/8 Brahman and 5/8 Angus though there have been variations.

Physical CharacteristicsLoose skin with neck folds and a rump on the back
Temperament/PersonalityCalm and docile
Coat ColorBlack or red
WeightMale: 816-907 kg Female: 498-544 kg
DietForbs like clover, milkweed, and sunflower; leaves of certain shrubbery, and mesquite beans
Lactation Period305 days
Gestation Period279 to 287 days
Lifespan15-20 years
Climate ToleranceTolerant to heat and drought
Country of OriginUnited States of America

History and Development

The first recorded instance of the Brangus cattle comes from 1912 at the USDA Experiment Station at Jeanerette, Louisiana, with the desire for a more heat-resistant cattle breed. Eventually, other breeders and ranchers like the Clear Creek Ranch of Welch, Oklahoma, the Essar Ranch of San Antonio, Texas, and a few independents in the US and Canada began to breed Brangus cattle.

Brangus Cattle Picture

On July 29, 1949, breeders from 16 US states as well as Canada met to form the American Brangus Breeders Association, later renamed the International Brangus Breeders Association. Currently, each US state has representation, as well as in Canada, Mexico, Central America, Argentina, Australia, and South Rhodesia.

Black Brangus Cattle
Brangus Beef Cattle

Milk Production

While the cattle produce milk, it is usually just for their calves and not enough for mass consumption.

Female Brangus Cattle
Brangus Bull

Meat Production

The beef of these cattle is very lean with no excess fat and is tender and marbled.

Red Brangus Cattle
Brangus Calf

Interesting Facts

  • A breed similar to the Brangus was developed independently in Australia in 1950 called the Australian Brangus.

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