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Published on 30th June 2022 by staff

Beefmaster Cattle

Beefmaster Cattle

The Beefmaster is a breed of cattle developed by the Lasater ranch in the United States. They are known for their sturdiness, an ability to persevere through adverse conditions like harsh weather and insects, and gentle disposition.

Physical CharacteristicsIt has a stocky build
Coat ColorWhile this breed has no specific color standard, the most common variant is brownish-red.
SizeMedium to large
WeightMale: 1200 kg Female: 800 kg
Lactation PeriodAround 10 months
Gestation Period279 to 287 days
Lifespan11 years
Climate ToleranceWarm weather
Country of OriginUnited States of America

History and Development

While the exact ancestors of this breed remain unknown, it is assumed that the original Beefmaster herd consisted of 25% Hereford, 25% Milking Shorthorn, and 50% Brahman. In 1908, Ed C. Lasater started breeding Brahman bulls with Hereford and Shorthorn heifers. After his death, his son Tom Lasater continued the program, keeping in mind six traits necessary for a breed to be commercially viable – fertility, milking ability, weight, conformation, hardiness, and disposition. In 1954, the Beefmaster was recognized as an official breed and is currently the fourth largest breed for beef in the United States.

Beefmaster Beef Cattle
Beefmaster Cattle Picture

Milk Production

Generally, the milk these cattle produce is used only to nourish their calves and not for dairy purposes.

Meat Production

As the Beefmaster cattle were designed for their superior beef quality, the meat from it is considered quite succulent and tender.

Female Beefmaster Cattle
Black Beefmaster Cattle

Interesting Facts

  • Due to this breed possessing the six traits needed for economic relevance, the Beefmaster cattle is often termed “The Profit Breed”.

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