Toda Buffalo

Toda buffalo is a semi-wild breed of buffalo found in the Nilgiri Hills of the state of Tamil Nadu, India. Among the Indian buffaloes, it is a unique breed and forms a genetically isolated population.

Toda Buffalo
Toda Buffalo

Quick Information

Physical Characteristics Long body with broad and deep chest, head is heavy and large with short and stout limbs; neck region consists of two chevron markings; long, slim tail with black switch; face is short and wide with a broad concave forehead
Personality Gregarious in nature; sometimes becomes aggressive to strangers
Size Medium
Skin Color Ash gray
Hair Whole of the body contains thick hair coat, crest of the neck contains thick hair growth, much like a mane
Horns Large crescent-shaped, wide apart, curved outward and upward to form a semi-circle; tip is sharp
Weight Around 380 kg
Height Adult male: Around 160 cm
Adult female: Around 150 cm
Uses Milk production
Milk Production 700 liters with 8% milk fat
Lactation Period 200 to 250 days
Calving First calving at around 4 years of age
Country of Origin India
Toda Buffalo Images
Toda Buffalo Images


The breed is named after the ancient Toda tribe who reared the animal for dairy products. The Toda people inhabit the Nilgiri plateau and led a pastoral life based on the dairy products of the buffalo which they traded with other peoples of the Nilgiri Hills. Their religion revolves around the sacred buffalo and rituals are carried out for the dairy activities.

Toda Buffalo Pictures
Toda Buffalo Pictures

Interesting Facts

  • The buffalo is considered to be quite powerful, and when situation demands they fight against wild animals as a team.
  • Their herds are usually small, and mainly comprises of few females, seldom with one or two males. The Toda bulls are known to confine to dense forests, coming out during the breeding season.

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