Acipayam Sheep

The Acipayam Sheep (Acıpayam Sheep) is a crossbred domesticated sheep that was developed in Turkey. They are farmed both for their high-quality wool as well as meat. Because their production rate varies widely, selective breeding programs have been suggested to be implemented to keep the population stable.

Acipayam Sheep
Acipayam Sheep
Physical Characteristics Height at the withers is 61.4 cm, with a chest girth of 71.3 cm and depth 26.6 cm. Height at the rump is 59.9 cm, while the cannon bone circumference is 4.2 cm
Coat Type Coarse
Wool Color White (both male and female)
Face Color White
Uses Dual purpose: Wool and Meat Production;
also for Milk
Lifespan/Expectancy 10-12 years
Weight (size) Ram: 65 kg;
Ewe: 60 kg
Survival Rate Ram: 82.35%
Ewe: 92.30%
(Adult sheep by age 6 months)
Body Length 55.2 cm (average for rams and ewes)
Diet Stubble of cultivated crops, tree leaves, fodders and grains
Country of Origin Turkey
Ancestors Assaf, Awassi, Daglic sheep breeds
Distribution Primarily in the ‘Ege’ region of Turkey
Acipayam Sheep Pictures
Acipayam Sheep Pictures

History and Development

The Acipayam sheep was developed for the first time by crossing the Assaf breed of male sheep crossed with the Awassi and the Dagliç females.

Meat Production

The weaning begins at around the age of 45 days, while the lambs mature by the age of 6 months and are usually ready to yield mutton (meat). A 6 month old young adult can produce around 28 kg of mutton, while a full grown adult can produce about 60-65 kilos (live weight).

Acipayam Sheep Baby
Acipayam Sheep Baby

Milk Production

On an average, an adult ewe can produce around 906.2 gram daily during the entire lactation period. The lactation period of the female Acipayam lasts for around 200 days. The total milk production during this period is about 170.5 kg.

Acipayam Sheeps
Acipayam Sheeps
Acipayam Sheep Images
Acipayam Sheep Images

Acıpayam Sheep Farm

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