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Ardennaise is a domestic breed of chicken from the Ardennes region, in Belgium and eastern France.

Other NamesPoule d’Alsace (French)
PurposesEggs and meat
EggsWhite, weighing between 36-57g
Lifespan Average
WeightMale: 1.75- 2.5 kg

Female: 1.5 – 1.75 kg
Country of OriginBelgium and France

 History and Development

The Ardennaise breed of chicken originates from the Ardennes region. During 1882, when the breed came into light, it existence was already in threat. The Union Avicole de Liége, a poultry breeders’ club, came to the rescue of the breed, which thrived under its care for thirty years.

After the First World War, there were mass importations of yellow-legged birds from Italy, with much higher laying capabilities, which posed a new threat. In 1922, selective breeding of Ardennaise began for better laying ability with some success. The Ardennaise was also cross-bred with the Leghorn variety, resulting in further decline of the former. The breed became almost extinct by 1940. However, after the Second World War, it was restored over a period of about thirty years with the total population in 2009 being over 2000.

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Ardennaise Pictures
Ardennaise Golden
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Ardennaise Hen

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