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Published on 5th December 2022 by staff

Australian Pit Game Fowl

Australian Pit Game Fowl

The Australian Pit Game Fowl is a breed of chicken that was developed in Australia primarily as game birds. They are a popular choice for cock fights. There is also a bantam version of this breed that was developed by the fanciers for show purposes.

Other NamesAustralian Pit Gamefowl, Australian Pit, Pit Game
CharacteristicsComb, wattles and earlobes vary – can be pea or straight or triple, and can be found in all colors; they can be cock feathered, hen feathered, muffled or tasseled
Plumage/Feather ColorsAny color
PurposesCock fight, show, ornamental purposes
Weight (Size)Standard Adult Cock: 5-10 pounds
Standard Adult Hen: 4-7 pounds
Bantam Adult Male: 48 ounces
Bantam Adult Female: 40 ounces
DietGeneral chicken diet
Country of OriginAustralia
Clubs and Breed StandardsAustralian Pit Game Club Of Australia Inc

History and Development

In the early 1900s, this breed was produced by British soldiers that were employed in New South Wales. The main purpose of developing the breed was for cockfighting. It was back in 1936 that the Big Game Club of Australia standardized the Australian Pit Game fowl for the very first time. Much later, in 1981, the bantam variation got the standardization by the Bantam Club of New South Wales as well as the Pit Game Club of Australia.

Later, in 1998, the Aussie breed got included in the inaugural Australian Poultry Standards, which suggested that, these fowls were produced by crossing the English Pit Fowl (or Old English Game chicken), the Asil chicken, and the Malay Game chicken. The Pit Game Club of Australia has also suggested that there is a possible connection with the Sumatran chicken.

Australian Pit
Australian Pit Game Fowl Images

Interesting Facts

  • Every year, on the last Saturday of June, the Australian Pit Game Club holds an annual show to display the breed to public in different places in Australia.
Australian Pit Game Fowl Photos
Australian Pit Game Fowls
Australian Pit Gamefowl
Australian Pit Game Fowl Pictures

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