Sumava Chicken

Sumava chicken has its origin in the Bohemian forest of Czech Republic. It’s a very old breed of chicken.

Sumava Chicken
Sumava Chicken

Quick Information

Other Names Šumavanka
Color Chestnut body color with black tail
Personality Shy, nervous
Purpose Eggs, meat, preservation
Eggs 180 eggs per year, brown in color, each weighing around 58 g
Weight Male: 2.9–3.6 kg
Female: 2.4–3.1 kg
Conservation Status Rare
Country of Origin Czech Republic
Sumava Chickens
Sumava Chickens
Sumava Chicken Pictures
Sumava Chicken Pictures


The original breed was nearly extinct but, was restored in the second half of 20th century by crossbreeding the few remaining original variety with Czech gold brindle chicken, Rhode Island, yellow Plymouth Rock, New Hampshire and Wyandotte.

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