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Published on 12th June 2021 by staff

Australian Langshan Chicken

Australian Langshan Chicken

The Australian Langshan is a breed of very popular chicken that was developed in Australia. A bantam variety of this breed is also available, which is one of the most popular of all Australian chickens. The chicken is usually used as a show bird, as well as for egg production. However, these birds are quite rare outside Australia.

Other NamesAustralian Modern Langshan
CharacteristicsHas an upright carriage, the legs are long, comb is medium-sized and red; outer toe of each foot is feathered
Plumage/Feather ColorsThe black chooks are glossy with a green iridescence; the blue variety is even grey-blue, with the males often bearing a dark blue color on the tail or hackles; the white variety is purely white
Skin ColorWhite
CombSingle, red
Personality TraitsDocile, friendly, good with children
PurposesEgg, show, ornamental purposes
EggsAround 250 per year; the shell is brown in color
WeightAdult Cock: 3.2 kg
Adult Hen: 2.7 kg
DietGeneral chicken diet
Country of OriginAustralia

History and Development

Not much is known about the history of this breed. However, as for its origin, selective breeding between the chicken breeds of Modern Langshan, Wakfer Chinese Langshan, Orpingtons, and Croad Langshans gave birth to the Australian Langshan in the early 20th century.

By 1950, the Australian Langshan turned out to be a popular breed in most part of the Australian continent. Soon after the creation of the normal variety, breeders from New South Wales developed a bantam version of the breed from the small stock of the normal Australian Langshans.

In 1998, the Australian Langshan was admitted to the Australian Poultry Standard (APS) after the release of the first edition of the APS was released.

Australian Langshan Chicken Images
Australian Langshan Chickens

Egg Production

This breed matures early and is a very good layer, with a good feed to egg ratio. The number of eggs laid each year is approximately 250, with the color of the egg being brown. Both the adults and the chicks are also well adapted to Australian climates.

Australian Langshan Chicken Pictures
Australian Langshan Chicks

Interesting Facts

  • The black variety of this breed is most common and popular.

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