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Published on 5th December 2022 by staff

Belarus Black Pied Pig

Belarus Black Pied Pig
Belarus Black Pied Pig

The Belaras Black Pied Pig is primarily found in Minsk and the adjacent regions in Belarus. These are domestic swine, and are mainly reared for meat and lard production.

Also Known AsByelorussian Black Pied, White-Russian Black Pied, Spotted Black Pied
CharacteristicsBoth males and females have medium size body with a slightly straight head; the ears are hanging and of medium size and the snout is bright pink; the body structure is wide and deep while the back part of the body is wide and straight
Personality TraitsIntelligent, humble, adaptable
Coat HairShort
Skin ColorColorful body with black tabby color
UsesMeat (pork) production, Lard
Weight (size)Boar: 298 kg (average)

Sow: 243 kg (average)
Popular TraitsAttains slaughter age fast (can gain 100 kg weight within 6 months from birth); adaptable to all weather conditions; able to bear high stress and has strong body resistance; farming is easy
Conservation StatusLeast Concern
Litter Size2 litters per year with 10-12 piglets per litter
Country of OriginBelaras (Russian Empire)

History and Development

This breed developed in the late 19th century by crossing the local Belarus Pig with other swine breeds like the Large Black Pig, the Large White Pig, the Middle White Pig, and the Berkshire Pig in Minsk, the capital of Belarus.

However, by 1950, the breed began losing its popularity when lean meat had more demand. In 1957, the breed was officially recognized as a separate breed group. Later, in 1976, after almost two more decades, it finally got recognition as an individual breed.

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