Best Ducks For Eggs

Ducks are one of the four primary types of poultry raised for their eggs, alongside chickens, quails, and geese. While duck eggs are not as common as chicken eggs, they are notable for their larger size, thicker shells, and greater speckling. The yolk of a duck egg also contains more fatty acids, contributing to a richer, more flavorful taste.

Best Ducks for Eggs

List of Duck Breeds for Eggs

BreedNumber of Eggs Laid (Annually)Egg ColorEgg Size (in oz)
Indian Runner300-350Greenish-white2.3-3
Magpie220-290Greenish-blue or white2-3
Silver Appleyard220-270White2.5–3.7
Buff Orpington220Completely white or tinted2.8-3
Ancona210-280White, cream, or blue2.5–3.7
Gold Star Hybrid200-290Greenish-blue or white2.6-3
Abacot Ranger180-200White2.1-2.5
Khaki Campbell160-240White2.6-3
Welsh Harlequin150-200Creamy white2.3-2.6
American Pekin120-180Completely white or tinted2.1-2.8
Swedish Blue120-180White, occasionally tinted blue2.8-3.2
Cayuga100-150Initially black but becomes white later in the season2.3-2.8
Rouen100-150White or off-white2.8-3.4
German Pekin80Completely white or tinted2.1-2.8


1. Are duck eggs healthier than chicken eggs?

Duck eggs contain more proteins and essential vitamins, like vitamins A and B12, than chicken eggs. However, since their yolks contain more fat and cholesterol, it is usually not recommended to eat more than 2-3 a week, whereas, a healthy adult can have 1-2 chicken eggs per day.

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