Best Pet Duck Breeds

Ducks can be surprisingly endearing pets when well cared for. Typically affordable and easy to tame, these birds thrive best in outdoor environments where they can forage freely. Their social nature means they need companionship, so keeping more than one duck is essential to prevent anxiety from isolation. For households with a spacious backyard, particularly one with a pond, ducks can become wonderful and lively additions to the family.

Best Pet Duck Breeds

Characteristics of a Good Pet Duck

A duck can be a great pet, but some factors need consideration before getting one.

  • Temperament — Ducks generally have a friendly temperament, making them easier to tame. However, though ducks can be affectionate, they generally don’t exhibit the same level of friendliness as dogs, cats, or other birds such as budgies. For instance, Indian Runners tend to be skittish, and Muscovy ducks may even display aggression when startled.
  • Flying Ability— It is safer to choose breeds less capable of flight. For breeds that have better flying capabilities, their wings can be clipped. It is a painless procedure for the ducks and lowers the chance of them accidentally flying away or getting into trouble.
  • Egg-laying Tendency — This trait can be seen as either favorable or unfavorable, depending on the person rearing the duck. Breeds that lay eggs regularly might appeal to those who want a steady supply of eggs. Conversely, those that don’t lay as frequently are ideal for someone not willing to manage eggs or baby ducklings.
  • Noise Levels Ducks are typically quieter than chickens, but breeds, such as the Call Duck, Australian Spotted Duck, and Rouen, may become loud when seeking attention or feeling threatened.

List of the Best Ducks for Pets

BreedEgg-laying Tendency (per week)Can it Fly
Welsh Harlequin5-6No
American Pekin4-5No
Australian Spotted Duck14-21Yes
Call Duck0-2Yes
Crested Duck2-4Poorly
Black East Indian Duck1-2Yes
Magpie Duck3-4Poorly
Abacot Ranger3-4Poorly
Ancona Duck4-5No
Blue Swedish Duck10-12No
Buff Orpington12-20No
Cayuga Duck2-3No
Indian Runner Duck4-6No
Khaki Campbell4-6No
Silver Appleyard Duck3-5Yes


1. How long do pet ducks live?

With proper care and attention, a pet duck can live for about 10-15 years.

2. Can a duck be trained as a house pet?

Ducks can be domesticated and kept as pets because they are easy to tame. However, while taming them might be straightforward, training them to behave appropriately as house pets requires a significant amount of effort. Additionally, a lot of work is necessary to cleanup after them. Without sphincter muscles, they can’t control their bladders, necessitating diapers to avoid messes. Also, their love for water can result in muddy, wet footprints on carpets.

3. Do ducks need to be vaccinated or de-wormed?

Ducks are less likely to need vaccines or de-worming as spending time in water makes them less susceptible to external parasites.

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