Largest Chickens

Certain chicken breeds can grow to impressive sizes, making them excellent for egg production since larger chickens often lay larger eggs. Many of these breeds are also dual-purpose, providing a substantial amount of both meat and eggs.

Raising these chickens is relatively hassle-free, as they are generally gentle-natured and easy to handle. Their lower levels of aggression allow for them to be reared alongside smaller breeds without issues.

Big Chickens

List of the Largest Chickens in the World

Chickens are considered “big” due to their weight and height, but the primary consideration is usually given to a breed’s weight.

Chicken BreedWeight (in lbs)Height (in inches)ColorPurposeCountry of Origin
Jersey Giant10-1322-26Black, White, BlueFor eggs and meatUnited States
O-Shamo10-1328-30Black, Black-breasted Red, White, White with Brown speckling, Reddish-brownExhibitionJapan
Dong Tao9-1313-16Mix of blue, black, green, brown, and redMeatVietnam
Brahma10-1218-30 Light, Dark, Buff Colombian, White, Gold, Blue PartridgeFor eggs and meatUnited States
Malay Game9-1130-36Black, Black-breasted Red, Pile, Spangled, WhiteExhibitionEngland
Malines8-1124-30 (unverified)Cuckoo (both black and gold), White, BlackMeatBelgium
Cochin7-1124-26Black, Buff, Partridge, White, Laced (both Gold and Silver), Brown, BarredExhibitionChina
Australorp9-1025-27Black, Blue, WhiteEggsAustralia
Plymouth Rock7-1024-34Barred, White, Buff, Silver Penciled, Blue, Patridge, ColumbianFor eggs and meatUnited States
Orpington6-1012-16Buff, Black, Blue, WhiteExhibitionUnited Kingdom
German Langshan5-1024-32Brown-tintedExhibitionGermany
Rhode Island Red7-922-28Different shades of Red, ranging from rusty red to almost blackFor eggs and meatUnited States

The Malay Game Chicken is the tallest in the world, capable of reaching a staggering 36 inches in height, earning the nickname “The Towering Chicken.”


1. Which is the largest recorded chicken in history?

The current record for the largest chicken is held by a Brahma named Merakli, who is 33.6 inches tall and weighs 16.5 lbs.

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