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Published on 4th July 2022 by staff

Braford Cattle

Braford Cattle

Braford cattle are a mix of the Brahman and Hereford cattle, with the ideal makeup being 3/8 Brahman and 5/8 Hereford. There are two types of purebred Braford – the American and Australian variants.

Physical CharacteristicsA back hump, a loose dewlap, and floppy ears
Temperament/PersonalityDocile but can become ornery if mishandled
Coat ColorMottled red with white markings
SizeMedium to large
WeightMale: 900-1000 kg Female: 550-750 kg
Gestation Period283 days
Lifespan15-20 years
Climate ToleranceWarm climate
Price$1200 to $2500
Country of OriginAustralia

History and Development

Australian Braford Cattle

The Braford cattle breed was developed post World War II from Brahman and Hereford cattle. They were created simultaneously in Australia and the United States independently.

Braford Cattle Picture

In 1946, after losing cattle to due to tick infestations and eye cancer, in Australia, the Rea brothers bred the Hereford cattle with the Brahman cattle for the latter’s greater resistance to insects and diseases. While in 1947, Alto Adams Jr., a breeder in Florida, started to crossbreed his Brahman cows with Hereford bulls on his St. Lucie County ranch. The resulting breed was healthier and became more popular throughout the country.

Tiger Stripe Braford Cattle

The Australian Braford Society was established in 1962, while in 1969, American breeders organized the International Braford Association.

Milk Production

As a beef-producing breed, they are not reared for dairy.

Meat Production

Braford Cattle Image

Braford cattle were created to be a consistent and efficient source of beef. They have traits favorable for meat production, including hardiness, longevity, and gaining weight quickly.

Interesting Facts

  • These cattle are sometimes used in rodeos, as their massive bulk and endurance help them in this regard.

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