Chickens That Lay Colored Eggs

Chickens lay eggs in many colors, ranging from blue to white to varying shades of brown. The color of the eggshell has no inherent value to the taste of the egg or how nutritious it is, but they are a treat to look at.

Besides white or brown eggs, blue- or green-colored eggs are also not unheard of. And though it may be hard to believe, there are also eggs in pink or purple. However, these are much rarer, and only specific specimens in certain chicken breeds have been recorded to lay them. 

Chickens that Lay Colored Eggs

Chickens That Lay Different Colored Eggs

Color of the EggChickens That Lay Them
BlueAmeraucana, Araucana, Cream Legbar, Easter Egger, etc.
GreenOlive Egger, Isbar, Favaucana, etc.
PinkSalmon Faverolle, Light Sussex, Asil
WhiteBlack Minorca, Ancona, Polish, Holland, Egyptian Fayoumi, etc.
BrownPlymouth Rock, Australorp, Golden Comet, Rhode Island Red, etc.
Dark BrownMarans, Welsummer, Barnevelder, Penedesenca, etc.
PurpleCopper Marans, English Croad Langshan, etc.


1. How do you tell the color of the eggs a chicken will lay?

It might be possible to tell the shell color by the hen’s earlobe. Hens with white earlobes typically lay white or lightly tinted eggs, while those with red earlobes most commonly lay brown eggs. However, this process isn’t exactly flawless, and exceptions do occur.

2. How are the different egg colors formed?

As the shells of eggs are made of calcium carbonate, they start as white inside the hen. Once the eggs begin to develop, pigments called porphyrins are secreted from the hen’s uterus, which adds color to the shell. For instance, brown and blue pigments add a green hue to the shell. The genetics of the hen are the main deciding factor in the final color of the eggshell.

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