Fluffy Chickens

Some chickens are extra fluffy, sporting more feathers than other breeds. This fluffiness comes from more down feathers or a mixture of plumage coming in various shapes and sizes. These fuzzy chickens boast a unique appearance that is pretty eye-catching, making them a hit among breeders and folks looking for charming pets. The best part? These birds are usually chill and get along great with kids.

Fluffy Chickens

List of Fluffy Chickens

Chicken BreedTemperamentIs it Good with Kids?
AmeraucanaCalm and friendlyYes
Bearded d’UccleFriendly and docile but doesn’t like being handledNo
BrahmaCalm and docileYes
ChanteclerGentleRequires supervision
CochinQuiet and calmYes
DorkingCalm and docileYes
Easter EggerFriendly and docileYes
FaverolleGentle and docileYes
LangshanCalm and docileYes
MaransQuiet and docileYes
OrloffCalm but doesn’t like being handledNo
OrpingtonGentle and docileYes
PolishFriendly but prone to being startled due to their lack of visionYes
Sapphire GemFriendly and easy-goingYes
SilkieCalm and friendlyYes
SultanFriendly and docileYes
WyandotteFriendly and docileYes
YokohamaCalm and quietYes

Issues with Fluffy Chickens 

Chickens with fluffy feathers are cute however they come with their own set of problems. It would be helpful to remember these before adding one to your flock.

  • Poor Climate Tolerance –  For some chickens like the Silkie or the Frizzle, the extra feathers don’t protect against the cold, as they fail to trap heat. Conversely, there are chickens like the Orpingtons who have extra plumage, making it challenging to tolerate excessive heat.
  • Requires Dry Accommodations – Fluffy chickens need a dry enclosure covered entirely to prevent drafts. This is because the extra fuzz traps water droplets after drinking, leading to the possibility of the birds catching a cold. Hence, having a dry environment helps the birds remain warm, keeping the adverse effects of wet feathers at bay.
  • Prone to Bullying – If its plumage makes it stand out, it is very likely that a fluffy chicken will be pecked and harassed by the other chickens. Getting more than one fluffy chicken for your chicken coop is always best, as this reduces the likeliness of this happening.
  • Cannot Roost at High Spots – Those extra feathers do nothing for the flight capabilities of these chickens. As a matter of fact, the fluff on their bodies actually has poor air retention, making it difficult for those birds even to make the short bursts of flight that most chickens manage. Henceforth, they can only roost on nesting boxes kept on the ground.

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