Friendliest Chicken Breeds

Recently, more and more people have discovered that chickens also make wonderful companions. Whether you’re in it for the eggs or just the joy of having feathery friends, it wouldn’t hurt if these potential pets had a friendly disposition.

Egg-laying chickens are prone to be skittish due to their high energy level, while those reared for cockfights tend to be aggressive. Dual-purpose birds are a bit laid back, but it’s not just genetics that determines a bird’s disposition. More often than not, it’s up to the person rearing them to treat their birds well, causing the birds to respond in kind.

Friendliest Chicken Breeds

List of the Friendliest Chicken Breeds

Chicken BreedsSize (in lbs)Eggs laid annually
Barbu D’Uccle1.4-1.7140-150
Easter Egger4-5280
Jersey Giant10-13150-200
Naked Neck8-9120-150
Plymouth Rock6.5-7.5200
Red Star6-8300
Rhode Island Red6.5-8.5270
Sebright 0.5-0.660-80
Speckled Sussex6-9240
Sultan 4-650

Tips for Rearing a Friendly Chicken

To raise a friendly chicken, it is always best to start when they are chicks. 

  • Regular Handling – Chickens can be pretty skittish, so it would help if they are used to being handled from an early age. However, don’t handle them too much when they are chicks, as, like most young animals, they require a lot of sleep.
  • Talking to Them – Yes, you do need to “talk” with your chicks in varying tones. This will strengthen the bonds between you and increase their level of trust.
  • Staying Calm – When around your chickens, move about slowly and without sudden movements. Chickens will see rapid movements as threatening and act flighty, especially from a human towering over them.
  • Expose Them to Different Situations – Once you have the trust of your chickens, exposing them to new situations that could potentially cause stress, like new locations or unknown noises, is a good idea. Remember to stay close by so that they always have a safety net.
  • Give Them Treats Now and Then –  Nothing builds up a relationship better than food! Once your chicks are a little older, give them special treats to snack on, like grubs or worms. If they see you as a source of fun treats, they will always be friendly toward you.


1. Which friendly chickens are also great egg layers?

Rhode Island Reds, Easter Eggers, Orpingtons, etc.

2. Which breed of chicken is friendly and can also live in my backyard?

Leghorns, Rhode Island Reds, Plymouth Rocks, etc.

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