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Published on 12th January 2023 by staff

Galloway Cattle

Galloway Cattle

The Galloway cattle is one of the most well-known breeds of beef-producing cattle. It is named after the place where it was first seen – the Galloway region. Its popularity waned after it was suspected of mad cow disease, but it is currently enjoying a revival due to the increased demands of the beef market.

Physical CharacteristicsLong, soft, wavy coat consisting of two parts – a coarse outer coat and a soft, fur-like undercoat. They are hornless.
Temperament/PersonalityFriendly, docile
Coat ColorBlack, dun, red in some variants
WeightMale: 771-1043 kg (1700–2300 lbs) Female: 454-680 kg (1000–1500 lbs)
HeightMale: 135 cm (53 in) Female: 120 cm (47 in)
DietBrush and coarse grasses
Lactation Period305 days
Gestation Period283 days
Lifespan17-20 years
Climate TolerancePrimarily cold climates, though some have acclimated to hot temperatures quite well
Price$500 to $1400
Country of Origin Galloway region of Scotland
Standard and Qualification InformationThe Galloway Cattle Society of New Zealand, American Galloway Breeders Association, The Galloway Cattle Society, Australian Galloway Association

History and Development

Originating in the 17th century in the Galloway region of Scotland, the herd books initially listed only the black cattle. But eventually, even the red variants were added to the herd books, with the Galloway Cattle Society forming in 1877.

The Galloway cattle were introduced to Canada in 1853, the United States in 1882, and Australia in 1951. In 1882, the first Galloway registry was introduced in the United States, while the British Galloway Society was started in 1908.

After the 1950s, there was a decline in the popularity of the Galloway cattle due to the fear of mad cow’s disease, though this breed never reported any cases. However, the demand for leaner meat has led to a renewed surge in its popularity in recent times, though it remains rare in the United States.

Black Galloway Cattle
Galloway Cattle Pictures

Milk Production

Galloway cows can produce 35-40 lbs (about 5 gallons) of milk daily. They can produce milk even beyond their teens, and their milk is perfect for making butter and cheese.

Galloway Cattle Baby
Galloway Beef Cattle

Meat Production

The meat produced by the Galloway cattle is quite well regarded, being tender and well-marbled. Their beef has low levels of internal fat, ensuring less waste after the carcasses are processed. It is considered healthy for the heart and brain, similar to chicken and fish.

Red Galloway Cattle
Galloway Cattle Images

Interesting Facts

  • The outer layer of their coat protects them from rain and wind, while their inner coat provides insulation and waterproofing. Their hide is often used to make coats and blankets.

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