Quiet Duck Breeds

If someone wants to keep a duck as a pet, it would be best to get one that tends to stay quiet. Not only would it be great for your own state of mind, but you wouldn’t have to worry about getting complaints from the neighbors about your birds. Luckily, ducks generally tend to be on the quieter side, aside from the occasional quack every now and then.

However, some ducks, like the appropriately named Call duck, love to quack constantly, throwing in a few growls, hisses, and grunts for good measure. So you’re better off picking one of the breeds known for their low vocalization.

Quiet Duck Breeds

Characteristics of a Quiet Duck

While not true for each individual, as the personality of the duck may dictate how loud or quiet they are, duck breeds possessing these characteristics tend to be less noisy.

  • Smaller Size – Smaller ducks have smaller lung capacities, ergo, their quacks will not be as loud.
  • Docile Nature – If the duck breed is generally calm, they are less likely to make noise. But expect a bird startled by a foreign object in its environment to quack loudly out of fear; though in this case the duck’s safety would take priority over its noise making.
  • Foragers – If a duck is used to being fed by hand, it will likely quack in excitement every time it sees its owner. Breeds that forage for food are unlikelier to behave this way.

List of Quiet Duck Breeds

Duck BreedTemperamentSize (in lbs)
Silver AppleyardCalm but active8-9
Buff OrpingtonCalm but alert7-8
CayugaDocile, tame, and friendly7-8
CrestedDocile and calm6-7
Khaki CampbellGentle but individualistic4-5
MagpieDocile and calm4.5-7
MuscovyUsually slow-moving and docile, but can become aggressive if startled6.6-15
PekinCalm but personable4-5
Indian RunnerVery active and likes to run about, skittish and easily startled3-5
SaxonyActive and lively7-8
Swedish BlueCalm and hearty6-8
Welsh HarlequinCalm and friendly5-6


1. How do you keep ducks quiet at night?

There are a few ways to keep your ducks quiet at night. Ensure they are isolated from other animals in their enclosures, as ducks are easily agitated and remain alert of predators. In addition, once the sun goes down, keep light sources away from them to prevent disorientation due to mistaking a light source for daylight. 

2. Are ducks quieter than chickens?

While both forms of poultry make noise, chickens, especially roosters, are the noisier of the two.

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