Small Sheep Breeds

Small sheep are attractive to breeders and not just because of their cuteness. A smaller breed will need less space to keep and are generally easier to handle. In addition, most of them are bred to have gentle or docile temperaments, making them great pets for kids.

While there aren’t any standard sizes for a particular sheep breed to be classified as a ‘small breed,’ generally, a sheep is considered to be on the smaller side if, on reaching adulthood, they have an average height of 18 to 26 inches and an average weight ranging between 70 and 150 pounds.

Small Sheep Breeds

List of Small Sheep Breeds

Here is a list of small domestic sheep breeds arranged according to their height.

Sheep BreedAverage Height (in inches)Average Weight (in lbs)Purpose
North Ronaldsay1655-65Dual purpose for wool and meat
Ouessant18-1935-70Primarily wool, but also landscaping
Olde English Babydoll Southdown18-2475-120Wool
Soay18-2450-140Meat and fiber
Welsh Mountain20-30120-200Dual purpose for wool and meat
Shetland2270-125Wool, meat, conservation grazing
Cheviot23120-200Dual purpose for wool and meat
Harlequin23120-220Wool, pets
Kerry Hill24-26150-250Dual purpose for wool and meat
Clun Forest24-28 130-200Meat, milk, and wool
Icelandic25-34110-220Dual purpose for wool and meat
Jacob31-63100-180Primarily wool, but sometimes for meat

It is not uncommon for the heights of a sheep breed to vary for a vast number of reasons, including genetics, diet, and habitat. The ones listed here are generally considered small because these attributes are more common in these breeds.


1. What is the smallest breed of domestic sheep?

While the Ouessant sheep is about the same height as many other sheep, in terms of weight, it is the smallest domestic breed, reaching nearly 70 lbs. at maximum.

2. Which miniature sheep breed makes for a great pet?

The Olde English Babydoll Southdown has a docile temperament that does not mind being handled, even by kids. These attributes make it a fantastic pet.

3. Which small sheep breed has black wool?

The Welsh Mountain sheep has a variant called the Black Welsh Mountain, which has black wool.

4. Which small sheep has fluffy wool?

The Olde English Babydoll Southdown is said to have a “teddy bear” like appearance. This can be attributed to their fluffy wool, fuzzy faces, and genial personalities.

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