Long-eared Goats

Some goat breeds can be recognized from their ears – namely by how long they are. Several of these breeds come from Pakistan and the surrounding areas, as well as in Africa, where the goats have evolved to have long ears. The wider surface area of these ears helps these goats to remain cool in the summer by allowing higher blood circulation. In addition to that, these long ears further protect their eyes and ears from harsh sunlight and sand getting blown into their faces. 

Long-eared Goats

List of Goats with Long Ears

Goat BreedUseEar Description
Anglo-NubianDual purpose, for meat and dairyLong and pendulous, with a lop
AngoraMohair, also meatSemi-lop, especially notable when compared to its small head
BeetalLeather and dairyLong, flat, and drooping
BhujDual purpose, for meat and dairyWhite, spotted ears with a lop
Black BengalMeat, also skinFlat and horizontal
BoerMeatLong and pendulous
DamascusDual purpose, for meat and dairyLong and pendulous ears, ranging between 11 and 13 inches long
HejaziMeatAbout 28 inches long and 10 inches wide
JamnapariDairyLong, flat, and droopy
Kalahari RedMeatLong and floppy
KamoriDairyHuge, reaching well below their shoulders
NigoraDual purpose, for dairy and fiberUpright and pointed
PateriMeatLong and droopy, becoming wider near the end
PayoyaDairy, specifically in the making of payoya cheeseFloppy but pointed
PygoraFiberMedium long and may be either erect or droopy
RoveDairyLarge and have a slight forward tilt
SavannaMeatLong, hanging ears with a lob that reaches as low as the chin
SirohiDual purpose, for meat and dairyLeaf-like and droopy
ZalawadiDairy, fiber, and meatLeaf-like, droopy, and speckled


1. What are gulabi long-eared goats?

Gulabi goats result from crossing several goat breeds in the Middle East to create a dual-purpose breed that could produce meat and milk. The breeds used include the Beetel, the Kamori, the Pateri, and the Rajanpuri. Naturally, as these four breeds have relatively large ears, crossbreeding them in various combinations has also caused the gulabi to have large ears.

2. Are there any famous long-eared goats?

One of the most famous long-eared goats is Simba, a baby goat in Pakistan born with 19-inch long ears. As of now, his ears are about 22 inches in length and will certainly grow as he grows older.

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